An Olive Oil workshop is a great and fun way to learn about this ancient and fascinating product.  MardeOlivos will be present at the Sample Urban
Village Fete at the O2 with great olives and olive products, but will
also be running olive oil workshops that give a quick and expert
introduction into the olive oil world: First press?  Cold press? Fraud? Antioxidants? Mediterranean diet? Cooking with olive oil?.
During the one-hour workshops you’ll get a really good understanding of:
– How the oil is produced
– The different commercial categories (olive oil and extra virgin olive oil)
– How to assess the quality by tasting the oil (we will tasting award
winning oils and supermarket brands)
– It’s health benefits: fatty acids and minor components.
How to pair oils with different flavours with food: fish, meat,
cheese, chocolate…
Plus each attendee will receive a free 100 ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil.
At the end you’ll leave with ideas that you can use on a day to day
basis. On both Saturday and Sunday there will be two workshops each
day: at 12 noon am and 3.30pm. Don’t miss this opportunity, book now!