Olive Oil Tasting and Tapas at “Olives & more”

Due to the current situation with  covid-19 all the sessions have been postponed until further notice.

Olive Oil Tasting  and tapas

Olive Oil is originally from the Mediterranean area and now it’s produced and consumed in other areas around the world. It’s also included by The European Parliament in the list of food products most subjected to fraud.

This is a great opportunity to learn about this key ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet.

Olive Oil Tasting Workshop content:

In this 1.5 hour Olive Oil workshop, we will learn about:

  • How Olive Oil is produced and the different commercial categories: Extra virgin olive oil versus olive oil.
  • Its health benefits.
  • How to assess its quality by tasting.
  • Its uses in the kitchen.

For the tasting part of the workshop, we will be using award-winning Spanish extra virgin olive oil produced from the four main varieties: arbequina, picual, hojiblanca and cornicabra

By tasting the oils, you will appreciate the different intensity, nuances and aromas of the real extra virgin olive oil.
The workshop includes:

  • From 4 to 6 Spanish extra virgin olive oils.
  • Olive Oil professional tasting cups.
  • Four ingredients to pair with the oils.
  • Spanish tapas: olives, bread and tomatoes, cheese and quince paste, tuna in olive oil and piquillo peppers.

Price £25 p.p, from 6.30 pm till 8 pm.

The tasting session is held at “Olives and more”, my new shop in 13 Perry Vale, Forest Hill, SE23 2NE.

Hasta pronto!


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