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This Spanish Olive Oil Tasting Club is the hub for those who are curious……

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This Spanish Olive Oil Tasting club is the hub for those who are curious or passionate about EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). I have attended different courses in Spain and England with some of the top experts in this industry and in some of the most well-known centres for studies of Olive Oil such as the University of Jaen (Spain). I am able to hold tasting sessions for different levels of expertise: from introductory level to more advanced. During these sessions you will discover how EVOO is made, how to assess the quality, its uses in the kitchen and its health benefits. Within the sessions we taste some award-winning Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  Spain is the worlds largest EVOO producer, with more than 260 olive varieties. EVOO is one of the most common ingredients in the Spanish gastronomy. Sometimes we finish the sessions sharing some Spanish tapas, and possibly learning or exchanging some recipes. Joining the Spanish Olive Oil club will bring you access to our special offers to purchase Oils. We can even organise a trip to a Spanish mill where we can see first hand the harvesting and production of a fine olive oil?  We could share a traditional mill breakfast of rustic bread with tomato and newly pressed olive oil. What about some tapas and flamenco later? Hurry up &  join us! It will be fun!


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