1 .- mardeolivos.co.uk purchasing system 

All purchases made through mardeolivos.co.uk are subject to the current English and EU regulations and other laws affecting international transactions. Purchases in efectudas mardeolivos.co.uk are not subject to VAT legally established.

2 – The sale of products 

The characteristics of the products and their prices will be displayed. The goods and services will be available for sale until stocks last. Prices shown on the screen are in pounds and are in force save typing error. Tenders are duly marked and identified as such. Its validity is effective while appearing on your screen.

3 – The formalization of the order 

The customer who wants to make a purchase in mardeolivos.co.uk should see the general conditions of sale included in the section on the homepage. The formalization of an order will be done under the full acceptance of the general conditions of sale contained on the website. The products are sent to the delivery address you specify.
mardeolivos.co.uk reserves the right to reject any orders yet to be paid, returning in this case the full payment.

4 – Customer Service 

If not satisfied with products purchased in mardeolivos.co.uk, can be returned no later than 10 days after the date of receiving the product. Refunds will be sent along with a copy of the waybill accompanying the shipment. For any possible impact or complaint, we recommend that you contact us by email. info@mardeolivos.co.uk. The refund amount will be by subscription.

The rules regarding refunds, (covered by 15/1/96 Law No. 7 / 1996) claims, guarantee and issue invoices, are as follows: No refunds are allowed not to come in their original packaging and the product in perfect condition.

The bill of delivery, is valid as manufacturer warranty, it will take effect from the day he delivers the address of the purchaser. Claims for possible incidents as the product is delivered damaged, wrong, or any other cause which may claim, are treated in the following way: If you request refund, the customer must send the product to our address within 7 days after receipt of order, and the costs of removal, are borne by the customer (as of 15/1/96 Act No. 7 / 1996). If instead you want the replacement, mardeolivos.co.uk agrees to deliver to the customer another product in perfect condition, on receipt the defective product.

5 – Shipping 

Shipments generated through orders are managed through private couriers and transportation.

6 – Warranty 

All information provided mardeolivos.co.uk presentation optimally and according to the process and application of our products. This does not exclude the seller have knowledge of their own.

7 – Delivery 

7.1. Generally we possess enough in reserve to make the shipment.
7.2. While the buyer falls behind in their obligations, we are not obliged to serve.

8 – Billing 

8.1. Without a treaty arrangement, understand our deliveries are supplied from stock.
8.2. Are valid for billing prices prevailing on that day. If the customer can claim vary and return the material requested, within 7 days after delivery.

9. Applicable law and forum. 

The General Sales Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with English legislation in matters not expressly stated. mardeolivos.co.uk, visitors of this website and any person or company using or hire any product or service that is provided herein, expressly waiving any other forum that might apply, submit, except in cases not legally permitted, to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts of the city of ++++, to resolve any issues that may arise concerning the interpretation, application and enforcement of these conditions, as well as claims arising from any use of this website.

Annex 1:

The lack of compliance with an agreed delivery date can only lead to a claim by the client in case a new date agreed upon by both parties is again breached. mardeolivos.co.uk declines any responsibility for rights to third parties arising from the delivery of the material. The valid date for the completion of invoices and the purchase price of our products will be the reception of the order or credit card payment in mardeolivos.co.uk. Deviations from these general conditions of sale, especially the validity of reference of the buyer, you need our prior written permission. All our products are subject to technical improvements, change in color or availability without notice.