Our Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has been crafted with attention to detail from planting and harvesting to production and marketing. The farms that grow the olives and the mills that process them have followed the traditions of their predecessors whilst incorporating the best techniques to produce the highest quality Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These have been tried and tested every year by national and international olive oil experts.  They have won a number of awards and international recognition, such as “Mario Solinas” from the International Olive Oil Council, New York International Extra Virgin Olive Oils Competition. They have been included in some prestigious guides such as the Italian guide Flos de Olei and the German guide Der-Feinschmecker.

In Spain we have more than 260 olive varieties to suit all palates: mild, medium or robust extra virgin olive oil. Choose the one you like and start using them as the Spanish do. If you need some advice, you can join me at one of my olive oil tastings or just come by and see me at one of the markets I am trading at every Saturday: Crystal Palace Food Market and Royal Arsenal Farmer’s Market.

My family and I enjoy tasting and using these oils that we offer, and I am convinced you will too.

Hasta pronto!

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