Spanish olives

Spanish olives are very popular, ours are mainly from Andalucia, as this area is one of the major producers of table olives in the world. You can enjoy them in many bars and restaurants, often with different homemade dressings made by the establishments. They are a perfect tapas or accompaniment to wine, a beer or sherry and also give colour to many salads or dishes. They suit all tastes and situations, not to mention its health benefits.

If you want to learn more about the Spanish olives and try some recipes, please visit: Olive It

We have selected different olive varieties – Manzanilla, Queen Olives, Ocales, Aloreñas, Verdiales and Empeltre (from Aragon) seasoned and cured in different ways, some more classic and others more daring!

They are very popular with our customers, either kids and adults. Are you an olive lover? Why don’t you come to one of the markets I am trading at and try them, you will love them.

Looking forward to seeing you!



Piri-piri Queen Olives

Queen – stuffed with hot chilli peppers.

Manzanillas – stuffed with peppers.

Manzanillas -stuffed with anchovies.

Manzanillas – stuffed with fresh almonds.

Chupadedos-  “Finger liking” olives: Verdial olives with olive oil and herbs

Verdiales – spicy.

Brava olives: Verdiales olives seasoned with paprika, pepper and fresh garlic.

Hojiblanca (Black Hojiblanca) – undressed.

Aloreñas – First Spanish olives with P.D.O.

We can also offer some:

Banderillas (pickled olive, gherkin and onion).

Guindillas (chillies).

Garlic with paprika.

We hope you enjoy them – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!!

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