IMG_6526Cazorla may sound quite familiar to you if you are a football fan. Cazorla  is the surname of a Spanish football player (Santi) from Arsenal F.C in London.  But Cazorla is also a lovely little town near  Jaen, surrounded by lovely mountains from the Sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas  National Park and also by hundreds of thousands of olives trees from the Sierra De Cazorla Protected Designation of Origin . It is a picturesque place where you can escape if you like green spaces, with plenty of outdoor activities, wildlife, nature and good food, and of course great Olive Oil!

Of the olives grown in this P.D.O,  94% are the picual variety and 6% the royal variety .  This royal variety is very rare and  exclusive to this area and not grown anywhere else in Spain or abroad, and gets its name because of the red colour of the olives when ripe. The Oil obtained with this variety could have an intense fruitiness with green or golden colour depending on the time of year of harvesting, plus hints of apple, bananas, almonds or even citrus and figs, and herbs like mint or fennel. From the first tasting the complexity of the good oils obtained from this variety is confirmed: it’s sweet with a light bitterness and moderate but also late pungency that in some cases could be persistent.


It is very easy to buy Olive Oil in Cazorla. There are a few shops in the town specialize in  Olive Oil and products from the Olive Tree. But you can also buy straight from the Cooperativa Sierra de Cazorla which is situated right at the entrance of the town.But even if you are not a fan about Olive Oil we would like invite you to go there and discover by yourself this small inland paradise in the middle of an “See of Olive Tress”.

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