Private Olive Oil Tasting Session

Hi there!

Are you an Olive Oil or Spanish food lover and would like to organise a party or get together with your friends or family? If yes, I can help you with your event!

I can host a private olive oil tasting session from 2 to 15 attendees per session and I can offer different topics such:

  • Extra virgin olive oils belonging to the Slow Food movement
  • Olive Oil tasting session and cheese pairing
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil and food pairing
  • Olive Oil tasting workshop and Mediterranean food pairing
  • Award-winning Spanish extra virgin olive oil tasting session and Tapas.

If you have something different in mind I will be more than happy to assist you to make it happen!

The possibilities with extra virgin olive oil are endless!

Please contact me for further information.

Hasta pronto!


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