Olive Oil tasting session

An Olive Oil tasting session is one of the best ways to learn how to assess the quality of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and to find out about its health benefits and uses in the kitchen. We don’t have to be experts, we only have to be guided by someone who already has the knowledge.
Last week we could read in the news how good the Mediterranean Diet is for our health, with Olive Oil a fundamental part of this. For that reason the more people know about it, the more they can benefit. There is a big lack of  knowledge around Olive Oil, even though some of us use it every day for cooking or dressing. How do we decide which one to choose when we go shopping? So how to address this?  As soon as I came back from my course at the University of Jaen (November 2014) in Spain and after more than one year learning, I felt I was ready to share with those who are curious about Olive Oil, all that I have learnt – and to enjoy it together around a table in a tasting session. I have already organised two in the last two weeks and I think they were well received by the participants. At least all of us enjoyed and learnt together. I talked about how it is produced, the different commercial categories, how to assess the quality by tasting some fine oils and some not as good or even with faults. I also explained about the components that make EVOO an extraordinary fat and to finish we discussed about its culinary uses. For the tasting session we used some of the award winning EVOO from my website and also some others from the new harvest 2014/15 that started in October.  If you want to attend one of my olive oil tasting session, just keep on eye on my website at coming up events to find out when the next  is taking place or just contact me to let me know your interest.

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