Olive Oil course

Last week (Oct 2014) I attended an Olive Oil course as part of my training to become an Olive Oil Expert. This course was held in London and organised by the very well-known and regarded expert Judy Ridgway.  Although I have attended many different Olive Oil courses in Spain, I would definitely  recommend this one for those English speakers who wants to learn more about this exciting and thriving word without going to another producer country . It is sometimes very difficult to find out this course in English and they don’t hold them very often. This Olive Oil course is quite complete and cover a wide variety of topics from basics concepts about Olive Oil,  through to different commercial categories, aspects of growing Olives trees, plagues, soil, harvest and irrigation that are very important  and make a big impact in the quality of a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As a part of the course we also tested, in a very pleasant  and relaxing atmosphere different oils from some off the producers countries. Some of them were traditional countries like Italy, Spain or Greece but also tested oils from new producers as Australia South Africa or Croatia. Perhaps I am a bit mad as now I am in writing my blog from Spain as I am attending one part one of the most prestigious courses to become an expert of Olive Oil. This course is recognised by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC). It is being held in the University of Jaen (The capital of Olive Oil). There are participants from several countries like Israel, Greece, Iran, Turkey, Croatia, Algeria, Egypt and much more…

It is quite interesting and intense, it is really worth to talk about it in future. As now the olive harvest has started it is time to visit some Olive mill at the weekend before coming back to England.

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