Visiting an Olive Mill

Visiting an olive mill is always an interesting experience. I would recommend for people who are passionate about olive oil or just for those who want to learn more about what we eat.  As the new olive harvest had just started (Oct 2014), we took advantage of our half-term trip to Malaga to visit an olive mill not far from the beaches and tourist areas. In the picturesque little town of Casabermeja you can find “Molino del Hortelano”. It is a restored mill where I shared my passion for olive oil culture with some friends and family. We started the visit with a breakfast called “Desayuno Molinero” (Miller’s breakfast). It is some rustic bread toasted on an open fire and drizzled with different varieties of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). This time we tried the koroneki, verdial and manzanilla varieties along with coffee, hot chocolate or a cup of tea. I recommend you to take your own sachet of tea if you want a proper English one, as I did!. Whilst having breakfast and tasting the different varieties, Juan the eldest son of the mill’s family, shared with us some information about their history and their business. Once we had filled our stomachs with as much as we wanted, we started our guided tour of the olive mill observing the EVOO making process. After that we continued our visit in the old mill.  Juan explained the jobs they had done to restore and convert this place into a gorgeous spot that I recommend you to visit in the “Montes de Malaga” (a 20-minute drive from Malaga).

Thank you to the Cabello-Montiel family for sharing your knowledge and beautiful olive mill with us. It was a great day!.

On the way home we also had time to stop and admire some of the very old Olive trees in the area, some of them are centurians!

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